Welcome to Winter Music Studio, we offer a good learning opportunity and environment for students to study in many different fields of training, whether in music performance or theoretical learning. Furthermore, Ear Training and Sight Reading are included as part of our curriculum.

Child's finger touch
  1. Kids Group Class Age 4-6
    Kids group class: We offer age 4-6 kids group music class for children, this class is designed to provide children an introduction to music in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Children experience singing, music reading, music writing, ear training and playing piano.
  2. One-to-Ones Lesson
    Our Lessons focus on accommodating the individual needs and expectations. We help you to prepare the Royal Conservatory of Music exams from GRADE 1 to A.R.C.T. or have non-RCM course for fun, we also help you to prepare the Royal Conservatory of Music theory exams. Message for Detail.
  3. Little Violinists for Age 6-8/9 and above
    Little Violinists Classes prepare a child to approach the violin with an eager, successful, and musical disposition. Students will learn the fundamental elements of violin playing: basic posture, bow hold, violin hold, and 5 Suzuki rhythms in a fun and high-energy setting.
  4. Music Camp
    We have Music Camp for Spring Break, Summer and Christmas every year. For details, please feel free to contact us.
  5. Theory Class
    Rudiments and Harmony study the structuring, analyzing, and writing of music, while History explores past composers and themes that have shaped the music we hear today. We offer small group theory class, each class has 4-8 students. Message for details.
  6. Events
    We have Annual Students Recital, trophies are given to the best players of each level. Small Recital is held for advanced level, it usually takes place in the studio. Families and friends are very welcome.

Group Music Class

Our Studio Policies
1.      Tuition for both first and second months are payable at registration. Tuition of all following months should be made on or before the 15th  day of previous month. (Private Lesson Only)

2.      Cancellation of lesson must be noticed in advance of no less than 24 hours. There will be no make-up lesson, refund or credit if notice is less than 24 hours or the nature of last minute cancellation. Make-up lesson will be divided in sections and apply to the following lessons.

3.      If a student decides to take a long term vacation of suspension or termination, whom must inform us in advance of NO LESS THAN A MONTH.

4.      Winter Music Studio reserves the right to cancel any class or lesson at any time with advance notice, and make-up class or lesson will be rescheduled afterwards.

5.      Winter Music Studio reserves the right to provide supply teachers due to the cancellation of the original instructor without advance notice.

6.      Winter Music Studio will give $20 credit as an appreciation to those who referral any new student (friend or family member included). The $20 credit can be used as part of the lesson fee or book purchasing towards Winter Music Studio for next 3rd month.

7.      Winter Music Studio may use pictures taken at Winter Music Studio and / or Winter Music Studio events in promotional materials, such as wechat, website and Facebook.

8. Online Piano Private Lesson Option for mild sick, bad weather road condition.