Winter Music Studio
RCM Certified Teacher 2015-17
Our Teachers' Qualification: 
Bachelor of Music Degree in Honours Music from McMaster University

Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Music (Concurrent) from University of Toronto

Early Childhood in Music Education Diploma from Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music

Membership of Music Teachers National Association

Membership of Ontario Registered Music Teacher Association

ARCT Violin Performance Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto

Diploma of Associate of The Royal Conservatory of Music (A.R.C.T.) Piano Performance and Piano Teacher

The Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher - Piano Advanced Specialist and Theory Advanced Specialist

Certified Teacher of the Ontario College of Teachers

Over 15 years of outstanding teaching experience.
Our Lessons focus on accommodating the individual needs and expectations.

In Piano teaching process focus is on both: playing techniques and different styles of music.

In Violin teaching process focus: Teachers work with students on a range of subjects such as music theory, sight-reading, and improvisation. For our advanced students, we help them develop technique, mastery, and explore different styles and time periods.

We teach all ages and all levels. And our current student's age range is from 4 to 15 years old.   Adult students are also very welcome. We help you to have preparation for the Royal Conservatory of Music exams from Grade 1 to ARCT (Piano, Rudiments, History, Harmony). In addition, we are coaching students for auditions, competitions & festivals. 
We have Students Recital per year. Students are encouraged to perform on stage, it helps them to gain confidence and get experience from performance.
We also provide Piano Accompaniment for strings, voice, woodwinds, brass, percussion, etc.

Winter Music Studio
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